Chia seeds, thank you for existing !

12636891_10209198934196889_254804106_oToday, I am going to blow your mind ! At least I hope so. I am always trying to find new original recipes, healthy if possible, that allow to change a bit my routine to “spice things up”. This is especially true for breakfast : I usually set my mind on something and keep eating the same thing over and over until I am fed up with it. This notably describes the complicated and cyclical relationship I have with oatmeal. Each year around winter I re-discover it, thinking “What was I thinking not eating oatmeal anymore, it is delicious !”. But after months of eating it almost daily – sometimes the call for warm homemade carrot-cake pancakes is just too strong – I just cannot bear the sight of the oatmeal box in my house, let alone eat it, anymore.

However, while surfing on the internet – as usual -, I stumbled upon a recipe that involved something called “chia seeds”. What are those, you ask ? Well, after looking for more information on the topic, I discovered that those are seeds probably sent for heaven – no, I am not exaggerating – that can be labelled as a superfood. But a bit of history first. Chia seeds come from a flowering plant in the mint family that’s native to Mexico and Guatemala, and apparently it was a central element of the Aztecs’ diet. While it remained regularly used in Latin America, it is thanks to the researcher Wayne Coates that those little dark pearls became popular in North America around thirty years ago.


Those seeds are a great source of healthy omega-3 fats and fibre, and have many positive health effects that range from a boost in energy levels, the ability to stabilize blood sugar, to aid digestion or even to lower cholesterol. Their utilization is really simply as they can be eaten whole, sprinkled on your salads and pancakes, or milled for your cake recipes. In addition, the fact that they are tasteless makes it even easier to add them…everywhere ! If you need more information on their nutritional value because you are not convinced yet, go ahead and google this little treasure of health, the first links will manage to turn you into an advocate for the chia cause.

Now, to the most interesting part of this post : the actual recipe of the chia seeds pudding. In fact, it has to be noted that the seeds have the particular ability to absorb liquids like water and milk. Therefore, to obtain a pudding-like consistency, you just have so soak around three tablespoons of chia seeds in around 10 tablespoons of either water (to make a vegan egg akin to flax egg) or of milk (I personally do not drink animal milk, but the result is the same with vegetal ones, and it is especially delicious with coonut milk or cream !) Stir the mixture for a few minutes and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, and voilà ! You have the base of your pudding. now you just have to top it with whatever you fancy : fruits, granola, peanut butter, a combination of nuts… I personally change my toppings depending on what I have in my fridge and what is in season, but I usually use the combo fruits + coconut flakes + peanut butter. It is divine, and a perfect breakfast, desert or even just snack !


3 thoughts on “Chia seeds, thank you for existing !

  1. ourwhimsicalife says:

    I have an over abundance of chia seeds. I only put them in my smoothies but have been contemplating making a pudding with them


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