El Chivito.

I am finally in holidays ! Well, only for one week, but that is enough to rest and enjoy some free time. And to enter the holidays with a good start, what is better than going to a restaurant ? Great atmosphere, music, nice service, amazing food ? It does sound appealing, doesn’t it ?

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Homemade mate latte.

Yesterday I went to the local bio cooperative next to my flat because I wanted to buy some matcha powder. Considering the high price for only 50g of powder, I decided to take mate tea instead and give it a try (around 3-4€ for 100g !). And I was not disappointed !

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Happiness boosters

In this rainy Saturday afternoon, I thought that writing about happiness boosters would help some of you to get out of your grumpy mood – don’t lie, you probable are a bit ! – and give you a much needed positive boost of energy.

I like those rainy days sometimes. I mean, I would not trade them for a big bright sun and a blue sky of course, but some days, the perspective of spending your day relaxing is agreable. A comfy outfit, a funny TV show or a great book, a cup of tea… You probably all have the ingredients necessary to make you feel better at home !

1. Tea or coffee.


I personally love tea. I used to drink quite a lot of coffee, but for some reason, I began to be much more attracted by tea – plus, it also is better for your health ! As Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory) says, nothing else makes you feel better like a hot beverage. So go to your kitchen, and try this new tea you just buy, or even better : get inventive ! You have time, so google some lattes recipes and try to make your own homemade cup of hot coco, or your chai latte, with cinamon, vanilla… Yum !

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Get into Ted Talks !

tedtalks2-logoI cannot remember exactly when I first heard about the concept of TED Talks, but I surely remember how seduced I was with the idea. For those who still do not know what the TED organization is, here is what you can read on their website : “TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.”

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Sunday morning run.

As I have already said in a previous post here, I used to think that I would never be able to run, because I found it too hard. It seems like it was easy for others, whereas I had a hard time breathing, or my legs hurt. But now, after having started to run only one month ago, I finally reach my goal to do a run on both sides of the Garonne.

I got up this morning, motivated to run, so I just went. I did not pondered the idea too much, what was the use of it ? I just got out of bed, drank my daily lemon infused water, meditated for ten minutes and put on my workout clothes. Then I went outside, put on my headphones and I just focused on the view. Living in Bordeaux is such a chance because runing alongside the Garonne is amazing, especially early in the morning when it is sunny. Sure, it rained a bit at the beginning, but I pushed through, and was rewarded by a beautiful sunny light afterwards.

Sometimes, you just have to do it, now.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I often find myself not wanting to hand in an assignement until the last minute because, even though it is finished, I could proofread it and make changes to it in order to make it better. I have a hard time making choices in a hurry, even for such trivial things as a restaurant or coffee order, because I want to be sure what I choose is the best option. I have for long struggled with the idea of doing short 20 minutes workouts, because for me it was not good enough. Do it at 100% – even 200% – or do not do it at all was kind of my inconscious mantra for a long time, but it has not necessarily served me well.

We all know the saying “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good“. Voltaire said it – “The best is the enemy of the good” -, but also Confucius “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without” and even Shakespeare “Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well”, among many others. But what did they mean by that ? Sure, striving for perfection allows you to push yourself, to achieve great things, often things that you would not have even dreamed of hadn’t you been so demanding of yourself. However, this constant need to achieve the impossible has a dark side.

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