Sunday morning run.

As I have already said in a previous post here, I used to think that I would never be able to run, because I found it too hard. It seems like it was easy for others, whereas I had a hard time breathing, or my legs hurt. But now, after having started to run only one month ago, I finally reach my goal to do a run on both sides of the Garonne.

I got up this morning, motivated to run, so I just went. I did not pondered the idea too much, what was the use of it ? I just got out of bed, drank my daily lemon infused water, meditated for ten minutes and put on my workout clothes. Then I went outside, put on my headphones and I just focused on the view. Living in Bordeaux is such a chance because runing alongside the Garonne is amazing, especially early in the morning when it is sunny. Sure, it rained a bit at the beginning, but I pushed through, and was rewarded by a beautiful sunny light afterwards.

Sometimes, you just have to do it, now.


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