Happiness boosters

In this rainy Saturday afternoon, I thought that writing about happiness boosters would help some of you to get out of your grumpy mood – don’t lie, you probable are a bit ! – and give you a much needed positive boost of energy.

I like those rainy days sometimes. I mean, I would not trade them for a big bright sun and a blue sky of course, but some days, the perspective of spending your day relaxing is agreable. A comfy outfit, a funny TV show or a great book, a cup of tea… You probably all have the ingredients necessary to make you feel better at home !

1. Tea or coffee.


I personally love tea. I used to drink quite a lot of coffee, but for some reason, I began to be much more attracted by tea – plus, it also is better for your health ! As Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory) says, nothing else makes you feel better like a hot beverage. So go to your kitchen, and try this new tea you just buy, or even better : get inventive ! You have time, so google some lattes recipes and try to make your own homemade cup of hot coco, or your chai latte, with cinamon, vanilla… Yum !

2. A good book.


I am what one could describe as a bookworm. I love reading. I have been reading as far as I can remember – the days after the new Harry Potter book was out, I sent my day and night devouring the book ! So for me, reading is a real pleasure. It is for some a luxury : they pretend they do not have time, they have to much work to do, and when they have some free time they unwind in front of their TV. But I think reading is much more relaxing and cathartic : you really get into a bubble, and into a totally different world. So instead of reaching for your remote this time, go see what’s in your bookshelf, and get comfy or your couch or in your bed with this good book you’ve been waiting to read, a cup of tea, and a nice and warm blanket. (That’s actually what I am doing while writing this).

3. A TV show or a movie.

I know that I just said that you should reach for a good book instead of your remote, but sometimes, watching some TV can help you relax if it is something you’re not doing every day for two hours. And a free rainy afternoon can be the occasion for you to start this new TV show you’ve been waiting to start – I personally just started “Making a murderer” ! You can also choose to watch a good movie : all those classics you have not watched yet, now’s the time ! Get into Hitchcock’s movies, be interested by Capra’s filmography or discover the world of silent film and watch some Buster Keaton’s or Charlie Chaplin’s movie. If you feel like learning, then go on Netflix or YouTube and find a documentary you are interested in. You can also watch some TED Talks (I already wrote about them here).

4. Turn the music up.

I think I do not have to explain this one too much : blasting some music in your house is a great way to be immediately more upbeat. Play that playlist with your “guilty songs”, or go to youtube to find new artists and just listen to it ! I am sure after one or two songs ou will already feel the urge to do something : so dance ! clean ! cook ! Listen to yourself, and do what you really feel like doing.

5. Cooking.


I am far from being a chef, but I really like cooking. If you have been on my instagram account, then you know how much I try to invent new recipes and try new things. I feel like cooking, creating something from start to finish and then being able to enjoy it with a friend, my boyfriend, or even alone is extremely nice. We all have a file, whether it is written in a folder, or on a word document, or even on pinterest, where we gather all the recipes that we would like to try…but never do. So why wait ? And if you do not have all the ingredients for something, you can also try to create a whole recipe from scratch : a cake, a pie, a smoothie… Your possibilities are endless.

6. Work out.


I know, I know, it is a rainy day, you’re in your comfy pjs and want to relax. Working out can seems like a chore at first sight, but I assure you, once in your workout clothes, with some music, you’ll feel instantly the motivation pumping through your veins ! You have plenty of home workout ideas available for free on youtube, so take a look ! Who knows, you’ll maybe turn into a fitness addict, or discover a new Youtube channel that you’ll love. In addition, you do not have to do crunches and push ups for one hour straight. 20 minutes are enough, and you can even just do some stretching or yoga poses.

7. Write.


I am sure that this is not a surprise coming from me, but writing is one of the most cathartic and relaxing activity I know of. I am not asking you to write a novel, but sometimes just jolting down your thoughts, making them articulable, and being able to see them materially in front of you can bring you some kind of epiphany. Just start by trying to describe how your week went, how you feel, how you see the days ahead. Usually, after 5 minutes, the ideas are flowing without you even being aware. Do not try to write perfectly, or to articulate a precise argument : just let your hand do the work and be your guide. You might be surprise with what you write !

8. Get inspired !

Just go on your instagram, on your pinterest, on your YouTube channel and seek inspiration : DIY projects, writing ideas, recipes to try… You just have to open your eyes, and get a notebook and a pen to jolt down the ideas of your future projects ! You will feel like a new you if you have a new purpose in mind, believe me !

9. Declutter.

I know this might not sound like a cure for a bad mood or an unproductive day. Usually, tidying up and cleaning are the last things you want to do when it is raining outside. However, with some music or podcast in the background, just start sweeping your floor, folding your dry clothes, or go through your closet and get rid of things you do not wear anymore. This will give you more clarity and make you feel accomplished and proud of yourself !

10. Meditate.


It seemed like the most relevant item to finish this list. Meditation is usually seen as a tough activity reserved to monks or weird people… But you could not be more far from the truth ! A lot of politicians, or CEO meditate, usually in the morning or at night, to set their intentions for the day, assess their day and their productivity, and more generally just get a sense of inner calm. You have some playlist on Youtube to help you through guided meditation, many apps, but you can also start by yourself, just sitting comfortably, in silence, and closing gently your eyes. Then, just concentrate on your breathing, on the sounds surrounding you, on what your body feels… Do not necessarily try to control your thoughts, just watch them pass by, and accept them. It mights seem hard at first, but after a few days of daily practice you’ll already start to feel the benefits !


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