El Chivito.

I am finally in holidays ! Well, only for one week, but that is enough to rest and enjoy some free time. And to enter the holidays with a good start, what is better than going to a restaurant ? Great atmosphere, music, nice service, amazing food ? It does sound appealing, doesn’t it ?

I was with my boyfriend’s family, wandering in the streets of Bordeaux. We were supposed to go to a restaurant but there was no more seats left for us… Deception. Our empty stomachs crying for food, I got the idea to go to El Chivito. It would be the third time in like 3-4 weeks that I would go there… Unreasonable ? Who cares !

We took our chance and went to this small Argentine restaurant, Rue du Cerf-Volant. Fortunately, they had seats for us ; in fact, the whole restaurant was empty ! Hungry as we were, the four of us decided to first order some appetizers : a provolone fondue, and quesadillas. Then, for the main meal, we shared a vegetarian platter composed of tacos, empanadas, patatas bravas, grilled veggies, nachos, highly spiced patatas with cheese and guacamole ! Of course, some white sangria to help with all this food waiting to be eaten was ordered, and our platter got us one beer each too. What more did we need ?


If you want to go in the evening, maybe book a table in advance. In addition, you might also get one free piña colada shooter at the end of your meal ! So, have I convinced you yet ?


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