How to “get back to it”

It has been a while since my last post… I was away during the holidays, so it was difficult for me to write, and therefore I had a lot of things on my place this week. Anyway, here I am ! I had real troubles finding what I was going to write about this morning. I have a list of ideas for my future posts, but every time I looked at one item, I was like “nah, it is too complicated or too long to write, I cannot be bothered now”.  It made me realize how it is difficult to get back to a habit.

Indeed, when I started my blog, I told myself I would write around two posts a week in order to “keep it going”. Writing regularly would help me to get used to it, and I would therefore not think too much before starting a new post. But I could not write during the holidays, and when I got home, it was very easy to get distracted by my other responsibilities that I had (also) let down during the break, and notably work. I used it as an excuse not to do all the things I used to do before : “I can’t, I must write this research paper” ; “not possible, I have to send this tomorrow” etc…

I think it is very easy to find this kind of loophole to prevent you from doing something – in other words : procrastinate. But, let’s be honest with each other for one moment : we always have work to do, we always have meetings, appointments, and responsibilities. You will never have that week with nothing to do at all, and all the time in the world to organize yourself, to have this “fresh start” you so desperately want, and need.

In fact, it might be more difficult to keep your habits during eventful periods (work deadlines notably),  but it might also be the most effective technique. Think about it for a minute: if you try to create a new habit, whether it is eating healthy, working out, start reading more etc, and you try to make it work with a timetable that is busier than normal, then you’ll probably be able to keep doing that once things get back to normal.

We all need to take breaks sometimes, but the difficult thing is always to “get back at it”, get this “fresh start”. Just do not think too much about it, and just do it. Sometimes I feel like overthinking whether I should do something convince me not to do it in the end because I spent so much time thinking about it, it is like I’ve done it a thousand times in my head already ! The mind really is a crazy thing sometimes…


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