Smoothie bowl

12842578_10209531169022552_315008684_o.jpgSo, you’ve probably seen this everywhere on instagram and YouTube, but it seems like smoothie bowl are the new big thing in town ! It is quite simple to make – you just have to have a blender – and seems really delicious, so after months of contemplating those perfect pictures, I decided to give it a try.

I tried to make my own smoothie bowl last Thursday night. I was sick (still am ! ugh, winter, am I right ?!) and too lazy to wait to cook food, so I decided that a smoothie bowl was an acceptable dinner, full of vitamins that would help me get better sooner. Fortunately, I had made a smoothie the day before made with vanilla soy yogurt, almond milk, mangoes and mixed berries, therefore I did not followed any recipes. I just poured it into a bowl, and topped the mixture with chia seeds, coconut flakes, chocolate puffed quinoa granola, and of course peanut butter !

I feared it would be weird to mix granola with a smoothie as I’m used to eating it with almond milk, but it was not, even though my smoothie was really liquid. Next time, if I know I’m making a smoothie bowl I might make it creamier (by adding more fruit and yogurt or adding less milk, both works). In fact the taste of the berries goes really well with the chocolate and peanut butter ! It was nutritious, and it satisfied my sweet cravings healthily – what more do I need ?!

So, are you ready to try ?



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