Learn to embrace the unexpected : my first 10K !

Sometimes, you start your day as usual, but something can turn it around – whether it is in a good or bad way. This morning, I woke up, drank my lemon infused water, trying to motivate myself to workout. But I was not feeling like doing strength training at home like I usually do. And the sky felt like it was going to be raining soon – despite the fact that my iPhone said it would not rain before noon. But it’s (often) wrong.


I could feel the urge to embrace any reason that would prevent me from working out. But then I thought “the more you wait, the less motivated you’ll be, and then, you’ll regret it”. So I just put on my trainers, took my headphones and keys, and headed outside for a “quick run”.

But for once, I did not feel like walking after a few kilometers. I was not tired. I had the whole path next to the Garonne for myself. So I just kept running. Once I had done the usual circuit around the two bridges, I had run 8km, and I thought “Why not keep going until the 10K ?” So I did.


I ran through Bordeaux’s streets until I finally reached the 10K threshold. I had not planned it nor did I expect it, but it felt great. Sometimes, it’s the little things that brighten your day. Pushing your limits, betting on your mind, making your proofs are some of those things. And for those who are wondering, my iPhone was right – it did not rain !

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m looking forward to my day of resting, watching Netflix, eating pasta and homemade falafels (more on that in a later post!), and reading. But remember : sometimes, you just have to keep going, and you’ll be surprised of what you can achieve. I know it sounds like a life lesson from a teen sitcom or a bad Christmas movie (you know what I’m taking about), but things really can happen when you least expect them to ! So keep your positive vibes, smile, and embrace life because it is worth it.


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