A relaxing Saturday in La Rochelle

During what was supposed to be my Easter holidays (but in reality was my revision break before my exams) I went away for the weekend in La Rochelle and L’Île de Ré (Isle of Rhé). So I thought I’d share some pictures I took with you ! Here are the ones I took in La Rochelle, and I will do another article for L’Île de Ré


We arrived in La Rochelle around 12am, so my boyfriend and I were so hungry ! We ate in a lovely vegetarian-friendly restaurant called “Le Soleil Brille pour tout le Monde” (The Sun Shines for Everyone) where we ate delicious pies (I ate the one with eggplant, chickpeas, zucchinis and plums, it was amazing, and very filling !). I was not too expensive, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is great. I thought I was in Bilbo’s house from Lord of The Rings ! However, it is quite small, so if you’re interested in eating there, call them beforehand to book a table.


After lunch, we wandered on the market place and in the streets and made our way up to the harbor. We visited some of the city’s old towers surrounding the harbor, which was really interesting ! They have been rearranged in sorts of mini museums. One gives a historical background about French migrations to Canada, and the second one we did was an old prison. We could see all the writings engraved in the walls made by prisoners !

Then, after having indulged on a massive snickers-tiramisu ice-cream (don’t judge!), we went for a bike ride to discover a bit more of the city’s hidden treasures. We ended up having dinner at L’Île de Ré, which I’ll talk about in a later post.






5 thoughts on “A relaxing Saturday in La Rochelle

  1. Blossom Bite says:

    I just got back from La Rochelle and absolutely loved it. I wish I tried some food at Le Soleil Brille pour tout le Monde though, it sounds really great!


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