A weekend at the Île de Ré

Hello everyone ! After my post on my day in La Rochelle (here), I promised you I’d also share my photos from the Île de Ré (Isle of Rhé), so here they are ! I was lucky because we had such a beautiful sunny day, so my boyfriend and I were able to go for an early morning bike ride on the island and we took some amazing pictures. It was the first time since summer that I was seeing a beach, and it was just so perfect : nobody was there, it was not polluted, it was calm and soothing.

After the ride, we went back to our hotel in the center and we ate breakfast (fruit and muesli all the way !) and then went for a walk in the city, looked at the shops, and ended up in a nice restaurant where we ate some crepes which were delicious (sorry, no picture of that, I was too hungry !).

Our day was pretty chill to be honest because we had to leave quite early, and as we finished eating lunch around 3pm maybe, we did not have much time left to do any crazy activity or long visit and the weather was getting kind of rainy.

The Isle of Rhé is a beautiful place, I highly recommend you going there. It is just so calm, pretty, clean… You really feel at peace there so it is a great place to escape and just revitalize yourself.






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