Don’t burry yourself in work

13223610_10210160443394018_203263712_o.jpgThis is a more introspective post in a way. I was reading blogs and watching youtube videos this morning before starting studying for my exams. Then, as I reached for my notebooks, I realized that yes, I want to do good at my exams, but that I do not have to work 12 hours a day and learn everything by heart without doing anything else on the side.

Yes, it is called “revision week”, but that does not mean that you have to kill yourself with work. In fact, you should never do that. This might sound cheesy, but we all know it : life is short. I believe that each day is a gift and that it is our duty to make it the best day possible. I used to beat myself up for not studying enough for a test or a report, I used to feel guilty when going out, I used to cancel plans in order to force me to learn more and more (and sometimes I ended up just worrying at home without actually doing anything). I don’t think I’m the only one.

However, it is necessary to realize that it is not the time spent studying that will change anything. The quality will : no need to re-read your notes for the 100th time, just make revision cards, lists, color-coded systems. Find someone to ask you questions. Work on possible plans and problematics.

But the most important thing ? Probably get your mind off it. Just go outside, skype a friend, go for a run or a bike ride, plan a pamper day at home, read that book that has been waiting for you on your shelf forever. You know your body needs rest after working out, but your brain needs that too. There is nothing better than just taking a break – and I’m not talking about a 1h break in between two study sessions. I’m talking about a night off, an afternoon of fun, even a morning spent outside. Whatever floats your boat.

I truly believe that today we all consider work as the graal, as the best thing you can do, the ultimate life achievement. If you work more, you’ll feel more satisfied, you’ll learn more, you’ll have more opportunities etc… In a sense, it is true, I can’t deny that. Nevertheless we often forget to put things in perspective. Will that report really change your life ? What if you got a B instead of an A ? Will you remember the grade you got for that presentation in 10 years ?

Work is fine, to a certain extent, but life is better. As I said, life is short. Don’t waste it. Do you want to remember this day/week/month/year spent working, or rather traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new things ? Of course, some people are “living the life”, and their work consists of taking pictures, traveling, eating at restaurants etc. But most of us do not have that chance, whether that is the student with the limited budget and the exam deadlines, or the people working a 9 to 5 office job.

This little morning rant is just a reminder for you, out there, reading this, to enjoy your day. Balance is everything, and you will grow more by being aware of that, than by burying yourself under a ton of work. Take action, do more, enjoy what you are doing, because our time on this planet is not only finite, it is also precious.


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