Visiting the Louvre museum in Paris (part 2)

Good morning everyone !


As I told you in a previous post, here is the second part of the pictures I took during my visit of the Louvre museum in Paris (you can find the first part about the Egyptian department here). But first, maybe a bit history, what do you think ?

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Beyond carnism & toward rational, authentic food choices

Hello everybody !

Today I wanted to write a different article from usual. It was raining outside, and I was on Youtube, watching videos, when I stumbled upon Melanie Joy’s TED Talk about carnism. It deals with the reason why we consider eating animals is a normal thing to do, basically. I strongly advise you to watch it, it is eye-opening, and only 20 minute-long or so.

I had already watch Gary Yourofsky’s best speech you’ll ever hear who argues in favor of veganism, and I already knew about all the arguments supported by vegetarians and vegans in favor of our health, the environment, and the animals. I have seen all the violent footages of slaughterhouses and animal killings. But I found that Melanie Joy’s speech brought something new to the table.

“To get mud off your hands, use soap and water. To get blood off your hands, go vegan.”
– John Sakars


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The Louvre museum, The Conjuring 2 & vegan restaurant : A pretty busy Saturday in Paris

Good morning guys ! It’s already Sunday, how time flies… But I had the most delightful Saturday so I thought I’d share my day with you.

7:00am : After waking up pretty early, I made breakfast. And who says weekend says… Pancakes (again, I know !). I had made them the day before so I just had to heat some frozen raspberries to make the sauce, and cut some fruit to add on top. Served with a big cup of green tea, no better way to start the day feeling energized and happy.


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Running for free food ?

Good afternoon guys ! You know how sometimes you need a little extra motivation to go for a run ? Well I might have found what you need. Running for prizes is possible !


The other day, I remembered that I had an account on so I decided to check it out. As I have started running more consistently again since I’ve been back from my holidays in Italy, it turned out that I had a few points on my account because I’ve ran every other day.

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My June’s breakfast staples

Good morning guys ! Today, no recipe, but I’m still writing about food (yay!) and more specifically breakfast food (arguably the best one).

I know that some of you probably do not have time to make their breakfast in the morning because they’re working / always late / can’t be bothered to / buy something on the way out etc, but trust me, eating breakfast is important. Literally, it is a meal designed to help you “break the fast” after your night’s sleep. It is therefore important to eat, but also to eat properly and something healthy.

Here are my go-to ingredients of the moment :

  • Weetabix
  • 5 cereal oats
  • A gluten free muesli
  • 100% sugar free puffed wheat


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Vegan barley & cacao pancakes tower (oil free & sugar free !)

Good morning guys ! Summer in Paris can be really sad and disappointing : the grey sky, the cold wind and of course… rain. So I decided to cheer me up my swapping my daily morning oats with some cacao pancakes. Yummy ! The best part is that they are vegan, oil free and sugar free. Sounds impossible, I know, but trust me, these are the most basic pancakes ever : so quick to make, with only four ingredients.


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