When is the right time for personal projects ?

13382317_10210323596792751_1983058062_nWell, it’s been a while since my last post…! I am sorry, I have to say that with my exams, and my week away in Rome (more on that in a later post), I have found it very hard to keep up with my writing.

However, I am officially free from any obligations now, so my main goal is to get working on my personal projects, mainly, my blog. I’ll try posting daily during June, because I’ve got a lot of free time, and will probably be able to write at least two articles a day and schedule them to be posted on the days I can’t write – I love technology.

Speaking of personal projects, I believe it is really healthy to have side plans and dreams besides your work and your daily responsibilities. I know it is not easy, and sometimes you do not even have any inspiration to start something, but personally, as soon as I find a new idea, I get excited and start to make plans and lists and programs. That’s the best feeling ! I love this creative rush.

I recently stumbled upon an article that talked about the right time to do certain activities during your day. It explained how working out is best in the morning, how a nap is better between  2 and 3pm, and how you should find your own “focus time” which tends to vary a lot from one person to another. Oddly enough, it also suggested that creative activities should be pursued when most tired because it leaves you in a less scholar and over focused state of mind. Crazy, isn’t it ?

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula : there is no “right time”. Envying this or that person won’t help, because they’re in the same situation as you, they just make time rather than wait for it. So next time you feel tired and drawn to Netflix, just think about it : actually achieving something personal could make you feel much better !

PS : on a totally different note, I’ve gone (lightly) blonde.. The summer’s here !


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