My favorite snack bars of the moment

13405467_10210343126120972_247006410_o.jpgThe other day I discovered a new organic vegan friendly shop just a few minutes away from the apartment I’m currently staying in for a few days, so of course I had to check it out. It is called “Les Nouveaux Robinson” and it is amazing, there are a lot of products that are not available in regular French shops. In addition, some of the products are actually not as expensive as one would think, so it’s great new for a student like me, and maybe you (yay !).


I was looking to buy snacks, and let me tell you, I’m not a picky eater at all, but for snacks it is a completely different story. It’s like for cereals. I usually take ages to decide between two flavors or two brands, I end up disappointed because I place too high expectations on the product, I am always trying to look for the most natural and satisfying, yet less expensive item (which also means I don’t buy biscuits or cookies or things like that, because they’re usually filled with sugar or syrup, even though it’s natural, and I know I’ll eat the box and feel like crap afterwards). I often end up reading labels for ages, weighing the pros and cons of each items. Seriously, feel the struggle guys !

Anyway, after spending a good ten minutes in front of the display of their different bars (some were not really healthy, some were not vegan etc) I opted for two Life Bars (one is Brazil nut, the other is fig) as well as a vegan dark chocolate and almonds bar from Belvas. I was quite excited to try them.

Verdict  ? They are amazing, quite big (therefore filling), and I honestly prefer them to the Naked bars I’ve tried in the past (which also are smaller). The fig one really tasted like summer while the brazil nut one was just amazing, it resembles a toffee-nut bar of some sort, it is crazy how good this one is. As for the chocolate bar, it is really good too. The taste of the chocolate is strong, and the almond makes the bar crunchy. It’s a great treat after a meal for instance, with a tea or coffee, for a sweet touch.

Of course, since I finished them all, I had to go back and try other flavors, so here are the ones I picked up : chocolate, brazil & guarani, berry maca & baobab, brazil nut (again), chia & young barley and finally apricot. I know, I might have gone a bit overboard ! I’ll let you know which one are my favorites.




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