Take a walk ! How to see things in a new light

IMG_8640Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day, so I decided to go to the parc. I worked out there, then decided to stay a little bit longer and take a walk. I had planned to do so and brought my backpack with some water and my camera.

I spent two hours in the parc, by myself, just walking and taking pictures while listening to some music. It was awesome.With my leggings, trainers, iPhone armband, backpack and big camera, I felt like an explorer, like in a movie.


This reminded me how sometimes just going out and changing up your routine can make your day better. You do not need to plan complicated activities. Just take a walk, look for new places near your house and I’m sure you’ll end up discovering new places and seeing things in a whole new light.

It’s also a great thing to be comfortable by yourself : you can enjoy the silence, and go at your own pace. Being alone can also gives you inspiration and new ideas for your personal projects – for an article, a DIY, a video… You name it !

I’m not saying that you should ditch your friends, I mean taking a walk with a friend to catch up is really nice, but I think we all sometimes crave a little alone time, but we too often spoil it on binge watching Netflix or youtube when we could turn it into something more positive and productive.

Sometime, you just have to get to know yourself a little bit more.



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