Running for free food ?

Good afternoon guys ! You know how sometimes you need a little extra motivation to go for a run ? Well I might have found what you need. Running for prizes is possible !


The other day, I remembered that I had an account on so I decided to check it out. As I have started running more consistently again since I’ve been back from my holidays in Italy, it turned out that I had a few points on my account because I’ve ran every other day.

As you can see, the website keeps track of your runs and each run gives you more points depending on the distance you’ve reached. Then, you’ve got the number of points you reached this week, then the monthly total, and finally your available points depending on whether you’ve used some of them for a rewards.

Capture d’écran 2016-06-16 à 17.07.35.png

The great thing is that you can synchronize your running app (I personally use the Nike one, but it also works with a lot of other ones such as Runstatic, Endomondo etc…) to your Running Heroes account and it automatically converts your kilometers into points. In exchange for these points, you can then benefit from rewards in the form of discounts on plenty of items (running shoes, sports material, oils, food…).

You can also subscribe to some challenges for free : depending on the challenge you choose, you have to run a certain distance (5x5km in two weeks, 40km in a month etc…). Once you’ve completed the task, you’re eligible to win a prize (a pair of running shoes for instance !).

So I decided to use some of my points to get a free basket of organic fruit and veggies from the organic shop Bio c Bon in exchange for 150 points. I went to my nearest Bio c Bon shop and got one zucchini, two bananas, 7 carrots, one lemon and three apples – all organic. It was pretty cool to get those for free just for running ! And this offer is available once a month, every month.

So what are you waiting for ?



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