The Louvre museum, The Conjuring 2 & vegan restaurant : A pretty busy Saturday in Paris

Good morning guys ! It’s already Sunday, how time flies… But I had the most delightful Saturday so I thought I’d share my day with you.

7:00am : After waking up pretty early, I made breakfast. And who says weekend says… Pancakes (again, I know !). I had made them the day before so I just had to heat some frozen raspberries to make the sauce, and cut some fruit to add on top. Served with a big cup of green tea, no better way to start the day feeling energized and happy.


My boyfriend and I kind of chilled in the morning  and planned our day – we looked for a restaurant to eat dinner as well as a movie to see.

2:00pm : After lunch – burritos made with thai rice, kidney beans, bell peppers and broccolis) – we went downtown and visited the Louvre museum. It was the first time I went there, so I have to say I was pretty excited, and it’s free for people under 25 years old who live in the EEC ! We wandered around the Egyptian and Greek sections for the most part (I’ll share my pictures in my next post), but of course I had to see the Mona Lisa so we also took a look at the section with the Italian paintings which was incredible and reminded me Rome.

Almost 3 hours later, time for a (quite early) dinner. I opted for an amazing vegan thai restaurant called Tien Hiang, but I’ll do a whole article about it (yes, it was that good !)

8:30pm : time to go to the preview showing of The Conjuring 2 ! I used to love horror movies when I was in high school but I have to confess that I’ve sort of stopped watching them as I grew older. I also find that most of recent horror movies are not that good. But we had seen The Conjuring 1 which was really good, and the preview showing was at the Grand Rex, an amazing cinema which also serves as a place for shows and representations  (which explains the decoration of the place and the Harry Potter-like star-spangled ceiling which kind of reminding me of the Great Hall in Harry Potter) so we decided to give this sequel a try. And boy did we not regret it !


The movie theater was gigantic (2’702 seats), they gave us goodies and they even had a little intro to present the movie, with people dressed up as characters from the film notably. It was kind of crazy ! We also had the opportunity to see a few minutes from David F. Sandberg’s last movie, Lights Out, which will be out at the end of August in France, and boy did it look scary… But the most amazing thing from this premiere ? The screen. The movie was not projected on the regular screen, but on what they call the “Grand Large”, a 24,90m x 11,35m screen (around 280 m2)! Let’s just say that it was an insane experience to see a movie on that monster, let alone a horror movie.

As for the movie in itself, it was good. It was very good, and this is a true compliment not only for a horror movie, but for a horror movie sequel. I found the scenario pretty good, with some twists. It was very scary (throughout the whole movie, not only the last 30 minutes), but also balanced with some funny and more serious moments. The actors were convincing, especially considering the fact that there are four children starring in it.

Once home, let’s just say I was happy to be really tired because otherwise I’m not sure I’d have fallen asleep so fast !

In conclusion, this was a pretty busy but great Saturday in Paris !


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