Visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris – Egyptian department (Part 1)

Hello everyone !


As promised in one of my previous post, here is the first part of the pictures I took at the Louvre museum. I chose to divide them in two posts : one for the Egyptian section in which I spent most of my time, and a second post for the rest (Italian and French paintings mostly) which should be up in the afternoon, or tomorrow.

So let’s get a bit into history now. The Department of Egyptian Antiquities of the Louvre of Paris comprises over 50’000 pieces ! Needless to say I could not photograph them all. It includes artifacts from the Nile civilizations which date from 4,000 BC to the 4th century. This department was created by a decree of Charles X after Jean-François Champollion translated the Rosetta Stone.


IMG_9033The collection is housed in around 30 rooms, and you can find a bit of everything : statues, sarcophagus, sculptures, jewelry, papyrus, tablets, steles, jars… There is a room (the 18th) dedicated to Gods and magic where you can see enchanted artifacts, magic formulas written on sarcophagus etc.. and there even was the mummy of a priest, and mummified animals such as cats and cows !

Wandering around all those rooms really made me feel like I was in Ancient Egypt. The degree to which each work of art has been preserved despite its age is crazy. It was eerie ! I’ll let you discover it by yourself.



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