What’s your definition of happiness ?


When you ask people what they want in life, or if you study their actions, they all tend to converge toward the same goal : happiness. Because who does not want to be happy ? Who consciously strive for despair, sadness or anger ? Happiness seems like a sacred grail that only some of us manage to reach.

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Book review #2 : Zig Zag by José Carlos Somoza (2006)


Funny story, I did not know José Carlos Somoza at all, and I stumbled upon his book entitled Zig Zag (La Théorie des Cordes in French) by chance. I was at the library, looking to buy new books and I heard a conversation between a seller and her client, to whom she was recommending this book described as a dark thriller mixed with physics and maths. I have to say, I know nothing about those two fields, but I enjoy reading or watching a movie about them when it’s not too complicated. Anyways, intrigued by the discussion, I ran toward the book to read the cover page in order to have more information. Satisfied, I bought it and finished reading it in only three days.

Here’s the story :

Isolated on an atoll in the Indian ocean, the best physicists of the world work on an ambitious project based on the string theory, which is supposed to make it possible to “open the time”. If they manage to observe the past of humanity, the scientists quickly realize that this program, financed by mysterious private funds, might be used for evil purposes. An accident leads to the immediate suspension of the researches, scattering the team trying to play God. Ten years later, Elisa Robledo, brilliant physicist, feels that she is in danger. With her old teammates, she goes back to the origin of the tragedy, on this atoll, where they profaned timed. 
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A day in Bruges, the Venice of the North


Part of the Markt (market square)

Being on holidays is great because it means even if you have got no money, you still have some time. You can take advantage of this free time to explore cities that are not far away from yours ; the ones you tell yourself you will eventually visit next weekend, but you end up never going to. That’s what I did last Saturday, when i went to Bruges, in Belgium.

Bruges is only 1h away from my house, one of the perks of living in the North of France. It is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium, in the northwest of the country. Sometimes also called the Venice of the North, one can understand better why the historic city centre is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO – it is simply beautiful.

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Interview with Maison Bon, a place to eat gluten free or vegan in Paris

IMG_8830.jpgAh, Paris ! Rue de la paix, Montmartre, the French chic, croissants, café… France, and especially Paris carries a sort of historical, romantic atmosphere throughout its streets. Even the (strong) possibility of having rain in June or July can be eclipsed by the effortless magic beauty of the old city. Unfortunately, its croissants, cafés au lait and baguettes jambon-beurre are far from being really healthy, gluten-free, let alone vegan… And indeed, the French cuisine is not (yet) famous for its adaptations to those kind of diets.

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How to work toward your goals

IMG_9132.jpgWe all have goals we would like to reach one day, but sometimes those goals are more dreams than actual targets. We would like to workout four times a week, to run a half marathon, to write a novel, to start a blog, to travel to the other side of the globe, to change career… Those are all items characterizing our fantasized improved future self. So why don’t we take action to reach those objectives ?

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Creatives versus non creatives : the illusion of the categorization of creative processes


I have always considered myself as someone not really creative. From as long as I can remember, I was a good student, but always drawn to subjects such as languages, ancient history, literature, philosophy… Sure, studying books and thinkers might seem not so practical to you, but those were not considered creative subjects like music or art were to me. Why, and where did this subjective separation line come from ?

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Do we have to be the best every time ?


Yesterday morning, I decided to go for a run because I’m back in Paris, which means I’m living next to a big park again for a few days. I told myself to go easy because I had not run in almost three weeks, so I decided to do 5K at a moderate pace. And I did, but half through my run I felt some pain behind my right knee, as I sometimes do, but I kept going, ignoring the feeling of blocked knee.

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