Beach day & thrift shopping in Santa Cruz


Hello everyone !

As I’ve told you, I’m catching up on my articles about by time in California. So today, I’m taking you to Santa Cruz, where I want a month ago. Santa Cruz is really not far away from Monterey, it is about a 45 minutes drive if the traffic is not too bad. It is a very small yet beautiful city (and I mean, Monterey is not that big either so I cannot really say anything, can I ?).

Let’s take a look at my pictures and let me tell you what I did there.


Our first stop with my friends after arriving in the city was of course to check out the beach. We did not go to the pier with all the attractions because it was really crowded and it was not what we wanted to do, so we just went to the surf spot instead.

We walked along the sidewalk with this beautiful view, and stopped next to the Surf museum (apparently it is not really worth it, and it is really tiny so we did not visit it) to take some pictures and just chill. We also stumbled a little beach know as “dog beach” where all the dogs were going crazy on the sand and the water – so cute ! (see picture below)

img_9748It was a really windy day, so after a while, we decided to go downtown to do some thrift shopping and check out the actual city. We ended up on the main avenue of the city : Pacific Avenue, where there are most of the restaurants, bars, and shops. We went to Forever 21, some (a lot  thrift shops) and even found a crazy shop dedicated to selling funny socks !

As we had arrived after lunch in Santa Cruz, it was already getting late. We therefore decided to have a quick dinner at 5 Guys on Pacific avenue, and then headed back to Monterey.

There you go, another one of my American adventure 🙂 As usual, do not hesitate to comment and let me know what you think ! Have a great day.



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