A night in the mountains, and a morning hike in Los Padres National Forest


Hi guys !

Today I’m taking you to the mountains. It is certainly going to be a change after the city and beaches from LA, isn’t it ? This article is going to be all about wooden comfy house, good music, hike in the mountains, and picnics…

Enjoy your reading !

img_021214466897_10211403383866753_1222758445_oSo I left you on day 2 of our adventure, when we left Malibu to go to our second Airbnb. We first stopped to Walmart to buy some food for our dinner, then headed into the wilderness…

Our house was located in Pine mountain club, a little village up in the mountains. As you can see, it was very different from LA, and city buildings and houses in general. The decoration was so tasteful, I felt like I had just stepped in another time. The wood everywhere, the fluffy pillows, the carpets with ethnic prints… Everything was just so comfy about this house – we loved it !


Having done the groceries and drove for a bit less than an hour, it was definitely time for dinner ! We bought so much food (and not the healthiest to be honest) I thought we could not eat it all : chips, guacamole, salsa, cucumbers & carrots, garlic bread, sesame buns, curly fries… with of course some beers and wine to wash it all down.

Eventually, we did manage to eat everything prepared and enjoyed the rest of night by listening to some music we bought at the record store on our first day in LA and played some card games.


The next morning, Sunday, meant the trip had finally come to an end unfortunately. We packed our stuff, cleaned the Airbnb and headed out for a hike. We enjoyed the landscape while walking and stopped at the top of Mount Pinos (8,847 feet, or 2,697 m the highest point in Ventura County) where we had a picnic.

And that signaled the end of our weekend. It was the beginning of the afternoon, which means we had to go back to Monterey in order not to get there too late and not be too tired on Monday for class !

This weekend was really fun, I love the way we managed to combine visits of the city of LA, ago to the beach (several, even), and also go in the mountains.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and please, share your experience if you went to the same places I did !



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