What happens in Vegas…


Hello everyone !

Today I’m taking you to a particularly symbolic place : Las Vegas ! So get excited because the pictures are worth it, even though most are of casinos or nightclubs.


I never thought I’d go to Vegas, but in the end, I did. Honestly it felt a bit surreal. My friends picked me up with the car at 3 or 4am to leave for Sin City. Indeed, living in Monterey, we had around 8h of drive ahead of us and did not want to spend the whole Friday on the road so we decided to leave early.

After sleeping in the car, eating in the car, listening to some music, getting bored and stopping several times for gas, we finally arrived in Vegas. It felt a bit weird seeing the city in the broad day light. I’ve always been used to seeing it at night in the movies to be honest.

We briefly stopped for a quick lunch and then headed to our Airbnb around 15 minutes away from the Strip, downtown. Let’s be honest : the 8h drive killed us, so we just chilled at our place and did some groceries for our first evening there. After all, we had to be pumped up for the night, not for the afternoon !

img_0242img_0244The program for our first night was pretty straightforward : party ! So we went to one of the many (and expensive) nightclubs of Vegas and enjoyed the decoration and the magnificent view from there. It was surrealist, like we were movie characters (or stars).

But of course, partying in Vegas means the day after you have to rest… So our Saturday started quite late, and with an all-you-can-eat buffet for $10 in one of the casinos ! Quesadillas, sushis, tacos, pizza, pasta, mash, potatoes, Mongolian food… There was everything (and don’t get me started on the deserts…)

After this copious lunch, we did some thrift shopping at Goodwill notably, and went back to our place to get ready for our second evening, a much more quiet night. This time, we checked out several casinos, including the Castle and the Louxor, which were pretty cool ! Of course, we lost our money to roulette, slot machines and blackjack, but well, it’s Vegas, isn’t it ?


Unfortunately, Sunday was already almost there. We decided to leave at 6am in order to avoid the suffocating heat of Nevada because well, we have a car, but it’s not the most well-equipped car (meaning the AC is mostly useless).

Vegas was already over.

I’ll keep a very good memory of Vegas. I thought I’d find it fake and artificial, “too much” or weird, but I ended up really liking it – but just for a weekend. The fact that we went out at night was really cool, but during the day, it’s just so freaking hot that you can’t do much. In addition, every shop there is either a strip club, a casino, or a liquor & cigarets shop, and you basically have to drive everywhere. Vegas is in the middle of nowhere, and except from the Strip which is worth having a look at, there is not much else to do.

So if you plan on going there, bring loads of water, shorts and tank tops, sun screen and…your will to party (but also, more seriously, a fixed budget you won’t go over !).



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