Get excited, National Geography Awareness week is coming !


Hello everyone !

As some of you might now, the National Geography Awareness week is coming, so to celebrate that, I wanted to share some of the favorite places where I have been, along with some places I would like to check off my bucket list.

What is National Geography Awareness week (GeoWeek)?

It seems that today, too many people are unable to understand geo-spatial issues or recognize their impacts as global citizens. That is why National Geographic has decided to create the Geography Awareness Week in order to raise awareness to this dangerous deficiency in American education and excite people about geography as both a discipline and as a part of everyday life.

According to their website, more than 100,000 Americans actively participate in GeoWeek each year! It was established by presidential proclamation more than 25 years ago and organized by National Geographic education Programs

Taking place on the third week of November, everyone is invited to focus and think about the importance and significance of geography. Events are hosted such as conferences, lessons and games. Some policymakers and business leaders are invited to take part in those events and share their advice, experience and point of view.

GeoWeek is supported by year-long access to materials and resources for teachers, parents, community activists and all geographically minded global citizens. If you’re interested, you can learn more about it here.


In order to celebrate GeoWeek, I’d like to re-share some of my previous posts and pictures about the beautiful American parks I have been able to visit so far as part of my semester abroad.


img_0291Follow my fall break adventures in Yosemite where I went to the Vernal and Nevada falls, hiked along the Ten lakes trail, saw the Lukens lake and finally gazed at the marvelous view from Taft point and the Sentinel dome !

Los Padres National Forest


After a couple of days spent in LA, my friends and I stayed in a comfy Airbnb next to the Los Padres National Forest and enjoyed the landscape while hiking at the top of Mount Pinos (8,847 feet – 2,697m – the highest point in Ventura County), where we had a picnic. Come check out my pictures !

Pinnacles National Park


Pinnacles is a lovely National Park, created very recently. Indeed, it was on January 10, 2013 that President Barack Obama signed legislation passed by Congress that redesignated the monument as a National Park.

I hiked along the North Wilderness Trail Loop which is an unmaintained trail with a lot of impressive enormous rocks and boulders due to the fact that the Pinnacles are part of the Neenah Volcano, which erupted 23 million years ago !

We did not see many animals : no chipmunk, no eagle… But we did stumble upon a rattlesnake! And if you get lucky, you can see condors in the park. In addition, Pinnacles features unusual talus caves that house at least thirteen species of bat. At the end of our trail, we went to the caves, armed with our flashlights, but unfortunately did not see any (or fortunately, depending on your opinion on bats I guess).

Beyond the Vegas strip.

Geography Awareness Week Vegas guide.png

When informed me that it was GeoWeek I couldn’t wait to get started on this post and share some of my favorite experiences of the American landscape and geography.

Indeed, I went to Las Vegas for a weekend, but stayed in the city – after all, three days with a 16 hour-long drive from and to Monterey left me little time to explore more than the strip and its casinos and restaurants unfortunately.

However, it is important to be aware that beyond the crazy and lively city center, you can actually visit national parks and many other cool attractions. If you check out website, take a look at their Las Vegas deals page where they offer many tour options to places such as the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and so much more! How exciting !

Personally, I really would like to be able to go visit the Grand Canyon and the Area 51. Those places seem so surreal and carry such a great amount of mysticism and magic ! What about you ? What places would you like to visit beyond the Strip, but also elsewhere in the country ?

Please, do let me know about the places you plan on visiting to celebrate GeoWeek, as well as your favorite ones !


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