Let go of your happiness quest and pursue your meaning instead


I recently stumbled upon a great article on Medium that you can read here. Its main idea was basically to stop looking for happiness and to pursue meaning instead. As Harold S. Kushner said, “you don’t become happy by pursuing happiness. You become happy by living a life that means something. ” But what does it mean exactly ?

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Get into the coconut oil kick !

IMG_8958.jpgHello everyone !

I would like to talk to you about coconut oil and its many benefits. It has been called the holy grail of beauty and health recently, and it seems like every one is crazy about it. But what can you exactly do with this “white gold” ? Today, I’m sharing my top tips with you.

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Book review #6: The Frozen Dead by Bernard Minier (2011)


Published in 2011, Bernard Minier’s first novel was hailed in the media. His thriller was translated into a dozen of languages and it received the Prize for the best french novel at the Thriller Festival of Cognac. Not bad for a first book ! A mysterious investigation with multiple cross-stories at the heart of the mountains of the Pyrénées, “The Frozen Dead” (or “Glacé”, in French) is a perfect read for the winter. A ghost village, an asylum, murders…

I am sharing with you the story through the eyes of two of the characters. Will those few fictive excerpts arise your curiosity ?

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The law of attraction and the power of visualization


I’ve recently become interested in what is called the law of attraction. Many of the youtubers I follow were talking about it some time ago, and it triggered my curiosity. Basically, it is based on a rather simple principle combining visualization techniques, positivism and manifestation.

The law of attraction explains how by anticipating future success, good health or positive actions in general, you can end up manifesting them in your own reality, in your life. It might sound a bit esoteric to some of you, even magical or too good and easy to be true. However, not only does it work, but it is also kind of hard to achieve and it requires practice as well as a strong level of awareness and mindfulness.

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Hard versus soft workouts : when slow can be just as effective as fast (and even more!)


It has been a while since I’ve written a blog post, almost a month ! How time goes by. I feel like it just flies by and everything goes so fast. So that is why today I’m here to talk to you about fitness, and how to take advantage of slower types of workout for results as effective – or even more – than regular exercices. Interested ?

It seems like the trend today is to push yourself in the gym, and go “hard or go home”. Many articles encourage us to do more in less time, namely HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) in short 20 to 30 minutes sessions. While those are really effective, I will not deny it, I found myself not being as motivated to do them as before. But I have found an alternative.

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