Book review #7: N’éteins pas la lumière by Bernard Minier (2014)


Willing to discover a new book ? Into thriller ? Then this review is for you. Bernard Minier is a French writer and N’éteins pas la lumière is his third book. It has not been translated yet, but it should not be long before it is, so do not worry if you do not speak french.

I wanted to offer you a different kind of book review : no linear story here, but just something to arouse your curiosity let’s say. Let me know it makes you want to read it.

It is Christmas. you are ready to leave for your yearly family dinner, like everyone is tonight. You are wearing beautiful clothes, you are in a good mood. Nothing else is as satisfying as the end-of-year atmosphere to make you feel good.

Oh, look ! Someone seems to have slipped a letter under your door. You probably have not heard the person knocked on your door. Or did this mysterious person knock ? Hum, weird. It is probably a christmas cards anyway. You take the envelop and open it to read it. Keys in your hands, you are ready to go.

So strange…

Why was this letter addressed to you ? It is a mistake, obviously. Who is it from ? Who is this person who talks about killing herself ? What can you do to help her ? No name. No address. Nothing. Impossible to do anything…

It is a mistake, definitely. You try to put the letter out of your mind. After all, it is Christmas. Yes, someone was mistaken and slipped it under the wrong door.

However, everything seems to be reminding you of it. This man who called during your live radio show where you work, he is saying that it is your fault. Your moral fault. You let her die.

What is he talking about ? How does he even know ? The letter has not moved. It must be a very bad joke… Nevertheless, since you received it, everything seems to be changing in your life.

Your colleagues are distant. The looks are aggressive. Your friends seem to be mad at you for no reason. Every one of your relationships is worsening little by little.

And who wrote those emails ? You are sure they are not from you, even though they were sent from your work computer…

Everyone is against you. Your actions do not belong to you anymore. Nobody trusts you, and you do not trust anybody anymore either. You are alone. Completely.

What if your friends were not who they seem to be ? It must be a machination, someone is responsible for everything going wrong in your life. Unless it comes from you ? Think about it : have you been acting out lately ? Maybe you did wrote those emails after all. I mean, you are overwhelmed by work, tired, and it is the end of the year.

You seem to be totally lost. Are you alright ?

In any case, do not turn the lights off ; maybe you would not be able to get out of your own darkness after diving into complete madness…


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