Go out to think more clearly


I have always been the kind of person that stays at home, and is happy to. I mean, when I was little, it was the normal thing to do and in any case my mum would not really let me go out without knowing it in advance.

However, when I left my parents’ house and went to live abroad, one might have thought that I would have taken advantage of it. Nevertheless, I did not. Well, to be fair, I did my (more than fair) share of partying (I mean, I was 18 in the UK !) but I now realize that I did not fully take advantage of the city I was living in at the time.

In fact, I did not realize it at first and let the story repeat itself for a few more years. I used to think that I would always have time for cultural visits, for wandering around in the streets. You must have guessed where this is going : I did not.

It is a great paradox : I had always been very sociable growing up, however when I was given the freedom to live my life as I wanted, I let myself getting stuck in a routine. I realized that a few months ago while living in the US.

Maybe it is experience speaking, maybe the fact that I’m older, but I have found a renewed pleasure in going out just for the sake of it. Going out even alone, without necessarily having a precise thing to do.

When it’s sunny, I like to wander in the streets and parcs and shops while listening to a podcast. When it’s colder or rainy like it is now, coffee shops are my second home. There’s just something to it : sitting in a café, with a hot beverage, and a book or a notebook while surrounded with people.

At first, I just did not really know what to do but it became easier and I managed to get ideas for my blog or some other things that were on my to do list. Weirdly, getting inspiration from a crowded and busy place can sometimes be more effective than sitting at my desk while staring at a blank page. The noise around me just fade away at some point in the back of my headband I just don’t really mind.

Anyway, I guess the point of this post was to share my experience and inspire you to just spend time with yourself but somewhere else than your home. Being around other people, even though they’re strangers can really stimulate you and leave you happier. Go to a coffee shop, to a museum, to a parc. And who knows, you might encounter some interesting people to !


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