Is consumption free happiness for you ?


The trend now is to contribute to the “slow” movement. We can see it everywhere : slow food, slow fashion etc… It is not really difficult to understand its success when we look at the age of crazy consumerism that we are currently living in: fast food, fast fashion, scheduled obsolescence, burn outs…

Speed has become on of the most important medium of communication in our lives today. And like everything else, it is confronted to a counter movement.

Within this age of mass consumption, a lot of people are starting to suffocate and support slow trends and minimalism. Not only it will save you money, it will also leave you more time and make you happier. Interested ?

The concept is very easy to understand. Basically, we should buy less things and instead spend more money on experiences. Despite the fact that material things last (at least when you don’t break or loose them!), experiences are what create memories and make us happier in general, especially over the long term. Indeed, are we going to remember that super cute sweater we bought during the sales at 60% off in a year ? Let alone ten ? It will probably not even fit or be completely destroyed by then.

On the other hand, how can you forget a theatre play ? A scuba diving trip ? A weekend abroad ?

The term “consumption free happiness” embodies really well this new trend in favor of minimalism. We do not need things to be happy, even if we think we do at first because buying triggers an instant gratification process and leaves us feeling rewarded. We need to lear to really understand our desires to actually feel fulfilled, actually fulfilled.

The great thing with the slow movement and minimalism is that every one can adapt these concepts with their own tweaks: for some, boy buying anything and going 100% minimalism by getting rid of everything superfluous might be the way to go. For others, investing in better quality products that last longer instead of looking to the least expensive thing might be an in-between, while others can also set quantitative goals : not buy anything for a week, only spend 50€ on social activities for this month etc.

Even though money does not create happiness, we all know how it can help. I found this idea of considering each purchase as an investment for ourselves and our happiness so much richer and more mindful. It really reconverts the role we attribute to money and allows us to free ourselves from the sometimes difficult relationship we can have with it.



2 thoughts on “Is consumption free happiness for you ?

  1. Cynthia F. says:

    Je suis d’accord avec toi: mieux vaut investir dans des beaux voyages, des activités ou des expériences plutôt que d’acheter des vêtements à foison! Le matériel s’est dispensable, pas les souvenirs! Bel article 🙂


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