My June’s breakfast staples

Good morning guys ! Today, no recipe, but I’m still writing about food (yay!) and more specifically breakfast food (arguably the best one).

I know that some of you probably do not have time to make their breakfast in the morning because they’re working / always late / can’t be bothered to / buy something on the way out etc, but trust me, eating breakfast is important. Literally, it is a meal designed to help you “break the fast” after your night’s sleep. It is therefore important to eat, but also to eat properly and something healthy.

Here are my go-to ingredients of the moment :

  • Weetabix
  • 5 cereal oats
  • A gluten free muesli
  • 100% sugar free puffed wheat


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Vegan barley & cacao pancakes tower (oil free & sugar free !)

Good morning guys ! Summer in Paris can be really sad and disappointing : the grey sky, the cold wind and of course… rain. So I decided to cheer me up my swapping my daily morning oats with some cacao pancakes. Yummy ! The best part is that they are vegan, oil free and sugar free. Sounds impossible, I know, but trust me, these are the most basic pancakes ever : so quick to make, with only four ingredients.


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Smoothie bowl

12842578_10209531169022552_315008684_o.jpgSo, you’ve probably seen this everywhere on instagram and YouTube, but it seems like smoothie bowl are the new big thing in town ! It is quite simple to make – you just have to have a blender – and seems really delicious, so after months of contemplating those perfect pictures, I decided to give it a try.

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Chia seeds, thank you for existing !

12636891_10209198934196889_254804106_oToday, I am going to blow your mind ! At least I hope so. I am always trying to find new original recipes, healthy if possible, that allow to change a bit my routine to “spice things up”. This is especially true for breakfast : I usually set my mind on something and keep eating the same thing over and over until I am fed up with it. This notably describes the complicated and cyclical relationship I have with oatmeal. Each year around winter I re-discover it, thinking “What was I thinking not eating oatmeal anymore, it is delicious !”. But after months of eating it almost daily – sometimes the call for warm homemade carrot-cake pancakes is just too strong – I just cannot bear the sight of the oatmeal box in my house, let alone eat it, anymore.

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