Do you have an afternoon routine ?


Happy Sunday everyone ! ☕️

In order to begin next week on the right foot, today’s blog post is a productivity talk where I share some life hacks with you.

Deciding that you are going to be more productive and efficient usually leads you – if you’re like me – to google every topic possible related to productivity. When I started to research this topic, the first articles I stumbled upon were probably about mornings : how it is important to get up early, and the necessity of being organized and having a routine to start your day right.

Similarly, a lot of people praise the importance of night routines, especially people who want to get to bed earlier or who want to lay out every thing they will need for the next day to avoid to dreadful morning rush. But what about being prepared for your afternoon ?

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The over scheduling syndrome versus the MIT strategy


Have you ever found yourself motivated in the morning, writing thousands of items on your to do list, feeling ready to tackle the day but ended up doing only half at most ? At the end of the day, you know you have been productive, strictly speaking, because you got some things done. However, you might not feel 100% happy about yourself. Deep down you know that you did not do everything, and you went for the easiest tasks first. If that sounds familiar, maybe you suffer from the symptom of over scheduling.

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How to work toward your goals

IMG_9132.jpgWe all have goals we would like to reach one day, but sometimes those goals are more dreams than actual targets. We would like to workout four times a week, to run a half marathon, to write a novel, to start a blog, to travel to the other side of the globe, to change career… Those are all items characterizing our fantasized improved future self. So why don’t we take action to reach those objectives ?

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The longing for the fantasized self

Rome_8370.JPGDespite a title that might come across really weird and complicated, today I want to talk to you about something very simple, that I’m sure everyone has experienced at least once. I’m talking about those times when you’re scrolling down your Facebook or Instagram feed, procrastinating on YouTube, even just reading and you find yourself really inspired by someone or something.

If it is a person, this someone – famous or not, it can also be a friend, or a relative – is usually tackling tasks and handling responsibilities effortlessly (or at least that’s what it seems to you). Everything you should do, this person has already done it. Morning workout ? Done. Healthy lunch instead of greasy fries ? Eaten. Meditating ? Daily. Yoga ? Practicing. Reading ? Every day before bed.

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When is the right time for personal projects ?

13382317_10210323596792751_1983058062_nWell, it’s been a while since my last post…! I am sorry, I have to say that with my exams, and my week away in Rome (more on that in a later post), I have found it very hard to keep up with my writing.

However, I am officially free from any obligations now, so my main goal is to get working on my personal projects, mainly, my blog. I’ll try posting daily during June, because I’ve got a lot of free time, and will probably be able to write at least two articles a day and schedule them to be posted on the days I can’t write – I love technology.

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What did you do as a child ?

13225269_10210175213203254_1225207903_oSometimes, we have one of those days. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about : we feel sluggish, bored, tired, and even though we have things to attend to, items on our to do list that are waiting to be crossed off, work, we procrastinate by lying on the couch watching youtube videos or binge watching Netflix.

While work and responsibilities are important of course, I believe it is necessary to give our brains some time off as I talked about here. But what to do ? When shying away from my giant to do list, I usually have no motivation to do anything. I just go on the internet, read random things, or nap, while feeling bad about myself the whole time – you might know the feeling.

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