Get into the coconut oil kick !

IMG_8958.jpgHello everyone !

I would like to talk to you about coconut oil and its many benefits. It has been called the holy grail of beauty and health recently, and it seems like every one is crazy about it. But what can you exactly do with this “white gold” ? Today, I’m sharing my top tips with you.

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Hard versus soft workouts : when slow can be just as effective as fast (and even more!)


It has been a while since I’ve written a blog post, almost a month ! How time goes by. I feel like it just flies by and everything goes so fast. So that is why today I’m here to talk to you about fitness, and how to take advantage of slower types of workout for results as effective – or even more – than regular exercices. Interested ?

It seems like the trend today is to push yourself in the gym, and go “hard or go home”. Many articles encourage us to do more in less time, namely HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) in short 20 to 30 minutes sessions. While those are really effective, I will not deny it, I found myself not being as motivated to do them as before. But I have found an alternative.

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Running for free food ?

Good afternoon guys ! You know how sometimes you need a little extra motivation to go for a run ? Well I might have found what you need. Running for prizes is possible !


The other day, I remembered that I had an account on so I decided to check it out. As I have started running more consistently again since I’ve been back from my holidays in Italy, it turned out that I had a few points on my account because I’ve ran every other day.

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Sunday morning run.

As I have already said in a previous post here, I used to think that I would never be able to run, because I found it too hard. It seems like it was easy for others, whereas I had a hard time breathing, or my legs hurt. But now, after having started to run only one month ago, I finally reach my goal to do a run on both sides of the Garonne.

I got up this morning, motivated to run, so I just went. I did not pondered the idea too much, what was the use of it ? I just got out of bed, drank my daily lemon infused water, meditated for ten minutes and put on my workout clothes. Then I went outside, put on my headphones and I just focused on the view. Living in Bordeaux is such a chance because runing alongside the Garonne is amazing, especially early in the morning when it is sunny. Sure, it rained a bit at the beginning, but I pushed through, and was rewarded by a beautiful sunny light afterwards.

Sometimes, you just have to do it, now.

From couch potato to fitness lover.

fitnessI have to admit that I have never been a very sporty person when I was younger. I mean, sure, I practiced gymnastics for a year when I was about 10, but I quickly gave up because of a bad fall on the beam during a competition. I then decided to try modern jazz dancing, which was nice. However, I decided to quit too after three years of practice because of the severity of the teacher towards the end of each year for our show. Besides that, I had to practice sports through school, which made me try handball, basketball, running, judo, climbing and swiming among other things.

While I liked some of those activities, I never thought of myself as the kind of girl doing much sports during her free time. I was always busy doing something else and considered my time too precious to be preoccupied with working out. I just did not see what good it could bring me: it made much more sense to me to take pleasure from watching – for the hundredth time – an episode of Friends than from going for a run (especially outside, when it is windy or rainy, uh ! Who’s got time for that ?). And I reckon I was not the only one.

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