Niches are overrated : embrace your multipotentiality

IMG_9589.jpgNiche, specialization, function… Everything in our lives seems to remind us that we need to stay within the bounds of one precise and delimited activity. We need to choose, focus, learn and master one topic, one subject. It is true in school when we are told we need to know what we want to do later. It is true with our job when we have to concentrate on a project to get a promotion for instance. But it is even true, more surprisingly, in our personal life, with our hobbies. We are often pushed toward a never ending spiral of improvement : try to get the black belt in your judo class, win this gym competition, perform at this end of year concert with your guitar…

While specializing ourselves is not a bad thing in itself and can bring us the discipline and organization we need in our work and daily lives, it has certainly become out of hand. Today, everyone is supposed to become a master in something. Expertise is the new door opening word on the job market. But let me tell you : niches are overrated.

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A day in the smallest state in the world : Vatican City State


Good morning everyone !

After weeks and weeks of procrastinating, I’m finally doing this : writing an article about my trip to Italy. Here’s the first part dedicated to my day in Vatican City State, and there will be a follow up article about Roma too. If you are planning a holiday there, or do not know where to go next, this article will definitely help you to make up your mind and go to Italy.

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Failure is a requirement of success


Success is a big word in our world today. It seems everything revolves around it, and it is especially true if you live in a big city, or have a job with high responsibilities. Cliché, but true. Success is often associated with pressure, achievements, responsibilities… And considered the opposite of failure. But is it really though ?

We are conditioned to strive for more, every time : job wise, family wise… Every aspect of our life becomes analyzed through the same prism : we have to “make it”. Because that is what life is all about in the end, isn’t it ? If you are not successful, then what is the point ? If you do not have an end goal, a big life project, then what are you even doing with your life ?

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Book review #4 : Set in Darkness by Ian Rankin (2000)

13901617_10210825429418253_1438653037_oI did not know the adventures of inspector Rebus, nor Ian Rankin before starting reading this book. I decided to give its change to Set In Darkness because I found it in my boyfriend’s father’s library. The book cover seemed interesting, and I liked the fact that the action takes place in Scotland for a chance. Why not !

Book cover :

Edinburgh is about to become the home of the first Scottish parliament in 300 years. As political passions run high, DI John Rebus is charged with liaison, thanks to the new parliament being resident in Queensbury House, bang in the middle of his patch. But Queensbury House has its own dark past.

Legend has it that a young man was roasted there on a spit by a madman. When the fireplace where the youth died is uncovered, another more recent murder victim is found. Days later, in the gardens outside, there is another body and Rebus is under pressure to find instant answers. As the case proceeds, the Inspector finds himself face to face with one of Edinburgh’s most notorious criminals…

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The over scheduling syndrome versus the MIT strategy


Have you ever found yourself motivated in the morning, writing thousands of items on your to do list, feeling ready to tackle the day but ended up doing only half at most ? At the end of the day, you know you have been productive, strictly speaking, because you got some things done. However, you might not feel 100% happy about yourself. Deep down you know that you did not do everything, and you went for the easiest tasks first. If that sounds familiar, maybe you suffer from the symptom of over scheduling.

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Packing for California: my minimalist experiment

IMG_7080.jpgI do not usually talk much about my personal life on this blog, at least not in details, however, I thought this particular even could bring something new to the table. Indeed next week I am moving to California for my studies, for five months.

With all the moving outs that I have been through (I’ve lived in Lille, Paris, Bordeaux, the South of France, Cardiff…), one could have thought that I would be ready to move to the other side of the world with only a 20kg-packed suitcase.

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Why less is more – A chronicle of my day in Paris

IMG_8207.jpgI have always been the kind of girl eager to accomplish more, to know everything, to experience new things every day. I always used to think that in the end, success was linked to good organization, to an ability to prioritize items on my to do list. If I was organized, I could do more. That meant I had a plan. I felt secure and confident.

However, last week I was sick. It was no life threatening condition, just one of those illness that leaves you grumpy for more than a week and that brings you down without even realizing it at first. As usual when I’m sick, the days followed each other and I lost little by little all the good habits I had been trying to sustain since September  – getting up early, working out, eating healthy… The usual. Even my writing resolution fell a bit apart despite being aware that writing makes me feel better. Yet, I could not bring myself to make an effort which of course made me even angrier at myself. Sounds familiar ?

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