Interview with Maison Bon, a place to eat gluten free or vegan in Paris

IMG_8830.jpgAh, Paris ! Rue de la paix, Montmartre, the French chic, croissants, café… France, and especially Paris carries a sort of historical, romantic atmosphere throughout its streets. Even the (strong) possibility of having rain in June or July can be eclipsed by the effortless magic beauty of the old city. Unfortunately, its croissants, cafés au lait and baguettes jambon-beurre are far from being really healthy, gluten-free, let alone vegan… And indeed, the French cuisine is not (yet) famous for its adaptations to those kind of diets.

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El Chivito.

I am finally in holidays ! Well, only for one week, but that is enough to rest and enjoy some free time. And to enter the holidays with a good start, what is better than going to a restaurant ? Great atmosphere, music, nice service, amazing food ? It does sound appealing, doesn’t it ?

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